A Turnkey Social Responsibility Solution

Inspire students in your community to mobilize around a cause that inspires you

What is Humanity Rising?

Humanity Rising is a movement to create a better world through service, driven by the heart and spirit of the next generation of leaders and social innovators. Join the movement by becoming an individual or corporate sponsor: Support a cause that aligns with you or your company's goals, challenge students to make a difference in that cause, and award scholarships to students for their outstanding achievements.

Benefits to Our Sponsors

  • Implement a turnkey social responsibility solution with no backend administration required
  • Enhance visibility in communities where you do business
  • Drive employee engagement
  • Build a talent pipeline
  • Significantly leverage charitable contributions
  • Track the impact of your financial support
  • Create accelerating change in causes you care about

Talk with a Coordinator

You'll learn more about becoming a sponsoring partner of Humanity Rising, and receive a demo of the Humanity Rising platform to better understand the wide-ranging benefits of sponsorship on your organization and your community.

To speak with a Coordinator, complete the form below and we'll get back to you shortly with next steps. You'll also be added to our sponsors mailing list, where we'll send you occasional updates (no spam, we promise!) on future events and opportunities.

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