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How do Service Challenges work?

We issue Service Challenges to encourage students (must be at least 13 years of age and not yet a high school graduate) to get involved and make a difference in their communities. Eligible students completing one of our Service Challenges and submitting the required service project information will be considered for a Humanity Rising Service Scholarship. If our judges determine the service effort reported represents an outstanding effort, a cash scholarship ranging from $500 to $2,000 may be awarded to that student. All students are eligible for cash scholarships and may be considered multiple times for these awards.

Why participate in a Humanity Rising Service Challenge?

  • Become eligible for one of our college scholarships
  • May be eligible to receive service learning credits from your school
  • Have fun working with friends and meeting new people
  • Feel great, knowing you made a difference
  • Develop real-world job/life experience and skills
  • Build relationships with potential mentors, employers, and others
  • Inspire your peers to volunteer
  • Build your resume

What is required to be eligible for a scholarship?

Get Involved
Engage in meaningful service in one or more of our 10 featured causes. Students can become eligible by volunteering at a nonprofit organization in one of these areas, completing some of the suggested service activities, or by creating their own Service Project. We will capture and share innovative Service Projects so that others can get involved and do the same!
Be a Good Student
You must have a minimum 2.5 GPA at the time of application.
Verify Your Service
A teacher or supervisor will have to verify that you have completed the service hours you have specified.
Be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
Our program is currently only able to award scholarships to eligible students within the United States.

Who will win a scholarship?

We will award scholarships to eligible students whose activities for the Service Challenge demonstrate the greatest effort, creativity, and impact, as determined by our panel of independent judges.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Wondering where to look for volunteer opportunities? The following links can help you find volunteer opportunities that fit your interests, schedule, etc.

Share Your Service Story

Humanity Rising thrives off the service stories created by students. When completing your scholarship application, put some thought into your Service Story and get creative! Think about the impact service had on you - what would you want to tell a friend about after a day of volunteering? The best stories will be featured on our Service Stories page, inspiring other students across the country to make a positive and lasting impact in their communities.

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